web developer & digital engineerI build websites for small businesses using strategy and intent.

After college graduation I did several stints playing trumpet coast to coast in the USA and throughout Europe. I then planted myself back in Lancaster, PA and established a long career as a software developer for an ERP software company. I am now looking for another company to serve as well as continuing to develop opportunities around designing strategic websites for small businesses--I love it!I also implement e-commerce solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers, giving them internet visibility and more sales. This creates an "Amazon-like" experience for their customers (for a smooth buying experience) and a near-stress-free experience for the retail operator (who can run the e-store from any device, including their phone). Contact me for a demo!Site examples:
Evans Candy (e-commerce site, Willow Street, PA)
Amberland Kids Academy (standard site, my wife's preschool)

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