Brian Landis

Brian Landis
Lancaster, PA


After college graduation I did several stints playing trumpet coast to coast in the USA as well as several countries in Europe.

I then planted myself in Lancaster, PA and used my Compter Science and Math degrees to secure a position as a software developer with a company that provides ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software services.

I've been with that same company for 25 years.

In addition to my day job as a software developer I also have some additional endeavors.



  • Get a Website Up and Running

    Build your own economical website (or have me build it for you) using one of the most powerful, yet simple, online web builders available.



  • Gourmet, Scented Candles

    - Cleaner burning, longer lasting, stronger scented, gourmet candles!

    - Exlusive clean-burning natural wax formula, allowing the candles to burn viturally soot free.

    - Grab them for retail, wholesalesmall store vendor program, or for fundraisers.

    - Jump on over to our main candle site to see all the yummy flavors.

    - Or enter to win a free 16 o.z. jar candle!

    - Independent distributor positions also available, allowing you to run your own home business.


Questions?  Contact me and I will try to help!




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